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Mai Awesome Friends!

:iconshia342::icondansyron::iconpikaconst: :iconvyrissthevixen::iconthetriumphforks::iconfuumah::iconthechaosspirit::iconcialli::iconragethebatfox::iconspootly::icon3-toshi-3::iconomiza::iconultimatewino::icondekulio::iconnanko-yuki-haruno::iconproject-nav1::iconshaymikuu::iconkyos-dimension::icondevilish-sm1le::icontoon-s::iconinkhedgehog16::iconmindsopor::iconfoofyboo::iconomiza::iconartheyna::iconxxdarktsukixx::icongiiovannii::icond934::iconroseslinoleum::iconzeldaprincessgirl100::icondonioth::iconcursemarker::iconicyexorcist:

All of these's guys are under my support and protection so treat them right!

Number's Info

0-00 0-01 0-02 0-03 0-04 0-05 0-06 0-07 0-08 0-09 0-0A

For those who Do not Know what the number's are they are created beings created from one single man that wanted the meaning to understand another life though another mind and ability, The Man who was upset that he was born a regular, so in his effort's of seeing his true dream of being one of them being a "chaos being" ( Chaos being doesn't mean its related to the chaos emeralds or anything as such its just a name) or a God, He saw things he wish he had bu couldn't do, so most likely he decided to create them
0 by 10, Each of them have a personality of its own only one can share one personality and 2 ability one one arm and the other. He created the Eyes off f the chaos beings eyes and study under their ability the same thing with the Gods Natural Elemental power's and merge that into his own creation.

0-00: She haves No will of wanting to be friends or anything but in the same state of mind she doesn't know her right path of actions anymore and this what caused her to Be a Blank being and emotionless character,her ability are unknown

0-01: She follows order's no matter what under the creator and she will do dirty work too to get the job done she will kill just to please her master so this leads to her pretty much following order's under her master rules until he pass on he did leave final order's though for 01 which is still unknown today.
her ability causes rays of radiation and toxic Plasma which she can form up into a ball and make the pressure well, Explode.

0-02: He's the simple minded their not much to say about him but his ability's are a bit well unknown...

0-03: She is currently on the haunt of 0-09 for a reason She see's 06 and 09 as her little brothers because you should get it... "3...6...9" etc.. She is calm and simple she doesn't lose her anger so easily over something childish this leads this character to be calmed minded under pressure, Her ability are actually two natural elements you see pretty much prob everyday fire and Ice one in the right the other int he left but whats interesting when she activate her eyes the fire and Ice turns into black fire and Black Ice. this leads to the fire being more hard to get rid of and gives her the ability to control it the same thing with the black eyes Her ice is more harder and colder the regular ice it self.

0-04: She Dangerous and I completely mean Dangerous 04 was program only how to kill and entertain her self due to bad results in the lab of her creation this leads to her being the insane one,she can regenerate ( IF her body part gets blown off) 0-04 actually abit more calmer in a few years and she meets 2 people that seem not to be afraid of her, her ability are Plasma and Lighting she the type of character to also smile widely "all of them have sharp teeth" just don't her bite you.

0-05: Not much to say on him he's completely unknown atm

0-06: He's the one that haves the ability to read someone memories he's not known for violence he actually hate's violence he just wants to be entertain by reading either you happy or painful memories, his ability haves some type of dark matter energy but its only in the left hand, this leads this character to be calmful between other's But also a complete jerk depending, and He loves 03 with all his heart more then the others.

0-07: not much data on this one yet

0-08 he quiet one that doesn't speak much he not interested in destroying life of things but actually interested about it this leads him to be a Nature lover and caring creation/being About his ability's allows him to phase through object and attacks his other known ability is water able to bend and control is he can actually take the water from the clouds or where ever its moist at

0-09: is the one that wants ALL of the numbers dead He hates all of them because to him self he's the weakest one even if he haves the strongest ability's this leads him to be the envy and the "user" he will do anything to get all of the numbers dead he even shorts for help and makes up lies that even the strongest hero's believe, He EXTREMELY hates 03 and 06.

0-0A: Is the emotionless one that doesn't care what happens to people but something happen to him along the way he got beaten by a God him self and the God trapped him within his own mind and gave him fake memories and a fake personality as some know as "Dan" the Best friend of spear and others.
The God did this to him knowing that 10 is too dangerous to roam around but 10 is still alive waiting to be free when that time comes the Personality known as "Dan" will be gone forever dead, For now he just watches Dan do what so ever.


May 21, 2015
1:57 pm
May 19, 2015
8:56 pm
May 17, 2015
10:10 am
May 16, 2015
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May 16, 2015
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About me

Can you I be your friend?
well duh you can c:

My Skype?
well ask me.

Do you rp?
I do also if you honestly want to rp with me you can find me here… well make sure you ask 1st because the room will be empty.

Do I take Rq's?
No only for my close friends or amazing friends. =v=

Do i pair characters up?
Well i would say with close friends or stuff...but it all depends of what you have in mind If i pair them up with stranger characters....

Do my characters have any interest?
Well. fighting..Killing..going insane... hating you... oh i can go on....But mostly my characters do there own thing. they will prob have no interest working with Anyone...will lemme refrain that uh. the Chaos's beings are never interested in people nor god's.

Who are your friendly Characters?

Who are the Bad Character or atleast anti hero's

Do your characters carry out love interest?
Mnnnnn No. the only ones prob would be chi. >> Spear sadly is taken by a character of mines in the story. But haha. I do plan one or 2 Characters to fall in love with someone's character


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Go babe your self
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I love chu Dan-Dan!!! >//3//< //huggles//
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You two baby's ;A;
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e u e Dad#1 heroo
Tue Jul 15, 2014, 4:38 AM
I scream inside your shout box, papa~ >//v//< :heart:
Mon Jul 14, 2014, 11:51 PM
I really don't post a lot of stuff due to me being..."lazy" which I'm sorry for but I Will tell you I do have a lot of junk I should mainly art line and etc in advance that can I say I'm that type of guy, 

In full reality I love drawing gifts for people that I think that earn them though out my respect ( which is true I respect what you people have made so far and i like watching  you improve and get better which i always find amazing ) and even though I don't show them I do...DO have a lot of new characters some are in development and some are just their for my nerd out rps I do with this one person. So its like wow, sometimes I wish to explore it with people that actually like to role play with me 

My reason for role playing: I get good inspiring idea's that i end up loving and getting too excited that I can't STAND IT!  that's why i'm always am happy to rp with you people, those that are interested that is, it brings idea's for me to keep drawing and that's what honestly makes me happy but, 

:iconomiza: :iconzeldaprincessgirl100: :iconneedle-mouse: :iconkirei-naa: :iconartheyna: :iconkirra-bluu: :iconladyanxiety: 

I still owe these people their drawings too which is why im not posting much im most likely drawing doodles of their character's trying  to get use to them before I end up drawing them fully and posting them ahaha. I guess you can call me a Nerd for that,

AH YEA~! The best thing about the roleplay is mainly the story between me and :iconzeldaprincessgirl100:  and also Me and :iconthetriumphforks: combind our story's into one that splits up into  their own adventure which I find amazing even though its not honestly set up, yet  ( i don't want to spoil nothing cause maybe we will make a comic out of it one day  hu hu hu,

As for anything else, yea...the other reason why i'm not posting art work of sonic junk and more is mainly because of. well. stress and  work once i come back from work i normally get on to just play games or watch someone stream on and nerd out to have fun. it's kinda what i do right after everything but hey, im alive and kicking,

Last thing, What i really want to do is actually get to know you guys better little by little I would be interested in learning your characters and talking with your adventure's. one day if anything Ill be interested maybe someone could inspire me too xD

I look foreword to showing my character's story's on D.A and  Character design's I'm grateful for the watcher's I have now, I promise to try and post more suff though afternoon to night. until then my friends~
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Special To Do List

:iconomiza: Good old rival's and Friends-g
:iconzeldaprincessgirl100: you will always Be my sister-g
:iconneedle-mouse: Cat's Love Trees-g
:iconthechaosspirit: DONE :star:
:iconkirei-naa: Fixing Working enjoying and Smiling-g
:iconartheyna: Siblings -g -working on-
:iconkirra-bluu: Ice!-g -doodles-
:iconladyanxiety:DONE :star:

note I may don't go in order and sorry i'm taking so long

What people Owe me

:iconangelandsilverlover: :iconmisscatz912: :iconmindsopor::iconmischivedgalaxies:

Art Trades (closed)

Please NOTE AND TELL ME who you want me to draw,please take note that I am still doing my to do list. If you see the slots full then you know i'm not taking In A.T until they are all empty.

PS: Make sure you send the note subject as ART TRADE and the rules is If I actually do not have a Art trade from you under 1 month then I am taking down the art work until other wise







Hey What if I decided to make a comic? 

8 deviants said Ill read it ;B
1 deviant said I might read it
1 deviant said Meh.
1 deviant said I will be hype for it
1 deviant said ( guess what) What? -click-… :iconocadventuec:


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